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Jul 30, 2014 - I wish to appreciate all those who turned up to participate in this year’s…
Jul 05, 2014 - Our new Office block was officially opened by HE William S. Ruto, EGH Deputy President of…
Jul 16, 2014 - The Kenyan Tourist Board has sought to reassure travellers, stressing that there are no…
Aug 10, 2014 - This years event included a four day program which started on 10th August to the 13th.…
INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FAIROct 10, 2014 - H.E. the Governor and delegation from kilifi is attending an international tourism fair…

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Useful Information


The Language spoken is mostly Kiswahili mixed with mijikenda dialetes though some of our youths speak some foreign languages eg. German, French and Italian.


Kilificounty has a steady tap water system flowing from our major source, the Galana river with its pumping plant at Baricho in Malindi. However because most people consider tap water unsafe for human use, bottled water is always available to buy depending on one's budget.


Our mains electricity power supply is between 220-240 volts A/C.


Kilifi county is generally hot with temperatures ranging between 30 and 32 degrees when extremely high and upto 20 when low.


Each district has a well furnished Government hospital that is well stocked with medicines. However if one would like to seek for more expensive medical attention, some private hospitals are available. Medical rescue services which include AAR are also available on call.


The postal cooperation services in Kenya has offices all over Kilifi county. In that connection, we have postal offices in Mtwapa, Kilifi and Malindi plus many other smaller branches in some towns within the county.


Banking services are very much available. Different banks have branches in Mtwapa, Kilifi and Malindi plus many other small agents across the villages. Other small micro finance firms are also found all over the county. The famous Mpesa and Zap services can be very useful when it comes to sending or receiving money through your Mobile phones.


Driving our minds back into the colonial era when Kenya was under the British colony, the system of driving still remains ’Keeping left’ unlike the west where you always drive on your right hand side.


Kilifi county is a Malaria zone. It is wise therefore for one to bring with him good anti malarial drugs. However our hotels are well fitted with treated mosquito nets which you can always unveil during your time of sleep to keep you away from mosquitoes. Malaria KILLS but TREATABLE !!


It is absolutely safe to walk or even go swimming on our beaches. Security is guaranteed where by regular surveillance from both the Kenya police and community policing has been enhanced. Coast sea survival is a community based rescue organization team which works under the county government to ensure life is protected when tourists and locals go out to swim on our beaches.


All our major towns ie Mtwapa, Kilfi, Watamu and Malindi have modern fire engines with full time crew members who are alert incase of any fires within your area of stay.


Public transport ( commonly known as matatu ) ply through out our major towns at cheaper rates. You can use them to drive around at less than 0.25 dollars for one short single journey. However if comfort and privacy is necessary, taxis are always available 24 hours at negotiable prices. Alternatively, the famous Bodaboda and Tuktuks which are very common in Indian are also available here at pocket friendly rates. Get help from your hotel on how to get these services.