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Jul 30, 2014 - I wish to appreciate all those who turned up to participate in this year’s…
Jul 05, 2014 - Our new Office block was officially opened by HE William S. Ruto, EGH Deputy President of…
Jul 16, 2014 - The Kenyan Tourist Board has sought to reassure travellers, stressing that there are no…
Aug 10, 2014 - This years event included a four day program which started on 10th August to the 13th.…
INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FAIROct 10, 2014 - H.E. the Governor and delegation from kilifi is attending an international tourism fair…

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Frequently Asked Questions »

The infrastructure of Kilifi is well developed with:
  • Banks with ATMs (Barclays, Imperial Bank, Equity Bank, KCB)
  • Supermarkets including Tusky’s, local food markets (butchers, vegetable market), bottle shops, Italian Delicatessen, fresh juice stands, and more!
  • Post office, internet cafes, hairdressers, weavers, tailors, carvers, mechanics, etc.
  • Curio and handicraft shops as well as extensive street markets for clothing and fabric, hardware and electronics shops
  • Kilifi District Hospital, private doctor right in town, plenty of pharmacies (chemists), as well as a malaria research and treatment centre
  • Wide range of restaurants and bars from the most traditional/local to the highest standards
  • Immigration office to renew visas as well as all other authorities
Most guests have no trouble finding everything they need right here in Kilifi!

Just like anywhere else along the Kenyan coast and most of East Africa, Kilifi is an endemic area for malaria. However, Kilifi is home to a site for the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust, the Kenya Medical Research Institute, a major centre for clinical and epidemiological research on malaria. Thanks in large part to KEMRI, hospital admissions for malaria in the area have decreased from 18.43 per 1000 children in 2003 to 3.42 in 2007 (divided by 5 in 4 years). Even so, we do recommend the use of prophylaxis to prevent malaria while you are in a malaria zone, but feel free to contact us should you have any questions in this regard. We can recommend to you which prophylaxis to take and where to buy it as well as homeopathic alternatives.

If you are not a Kenyan citizen, you will be required to obtain a visa upon arrival in Kenya. Depending on your nationality, you will be able to obtain a tourist visa at immigration at the airport for US $50. Kenyan tourist visas typically last for three months, and if you need to extend your visa for another three months (after which you must leave East Africa), Kilifi has a very good Immigration Office where queries are dealt with promptly and professionally.

Being only three degrees south of the equator, Kilifi and most other parts of the Kenyan coast are pretty hot all year round. "Hot" can be a relative term though, depending on where in the world you are coming from, but most guests (unless they live elsewhere on the East African coast) find it hotter than they are used to. The rainy and therefore cooler (again, relative) season of this area is normally April and May, as well as October and November.

International Flights - Scheduled flights to Kenya run daily from all around the world. Check out offerings from Kenya Airways, British Airways, Ethiopian Airways, Turkish Airways, Emirates and Condor

Domestic Flights - The nearest airports are Malindi and Mombasa. Transfer from Mombasa thats about 1 hour 30 minutes, transfer from Malindi takes 1 hour. The transfer from Malindi is by far the more pleasant of the two and keeps you well away from the traffic and noise of Mombasa Town.

Flight providers are: Kenya Airways, Fly540 and JamboJet.

Its hot hot and hot here which is what makes watersports such a pleasure - no wetsuit to hold you back just barefeet and boardshorts all the way! Bring plenty of sunscreen, a rashvest for keeping covered whilst on the water, light clothing for the evenings - long sleeves if you're a mozzie magnet but otherwise a healthy dose of repellent will be plenty good enough.