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Public Notice
Ladies and gentlemen, despite putting in place the earlier safety measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus in Kilifi County, the number of infections continues to rise in our County. This calls for more stringent and drastic measures to stop or slow down this alarming rate of infection so as to save lives.
In this regard, in addition to earlier safety measures given by both levels of government and in further addition to measures given by H.E the President of the Republic of Kenya on 25th March 2020, residents of Kilifi county are advised to immediately observe the following;
(1) A quick survey of the county clearly indicates that the public transport sector is our weakest link in the fight against the quick spread of coronavirus as people continue to crowd in matatu termini and bus stations in total disregard of the social distancing safety measure. As a county government, we will observe this trend within the next 48 hours and if people continue to flout the social distancing safety measure in these areas, we will have no option but to suspend public service vehicle operations in the county so as to save lives.
(2) All Quarries and quarrying activities are hereby suspended till further notice.
(3) All slaughter houses are to scale down operations to minimize the number of people working there. This is to discourage building up of crowds at our slaughter houses. They must also strictly observe the safety measures already given. Any breach of this directive by any slaughter house will lead to immediate closure of the same
(4) Hawking activities in the county are suspended forthwith.
(5) Only those vendors selling foodstuffs in Markets will be allowed to operate as long as they maintain strict hygiene and social distancing. Vendors dealing with non-foodstuff or non-essentials in these markets are to close forthwith.
6) All licensed businesses in the County that have been forced to close down due to these safety measures will have their business licence payments prorated as a waiver in the next financial year to take care of the period they were not in operation.
7) We are in the process of identifying the most vulnerable families in the county so as to cushion them from the effects of a slowed down economy due to these stringent measures. We have already been allocated storage space in the county by the National Cereals and Produce Board where we will be storing all foodstuffs from both the county government and well wishers that will go towards assisting vulnerable families. The distribution mechanisms will be communicated.
8) Effective end of April 2020, the following cadre of county employees will take pay cuts as follows;
(i) Governor and Deputy Governor will take 30% salary cut.
(ii) County Executive Committee (CEC) members to take a 25% pay cut. (iii) County Secretary and Chief Officers to take a 20% pay cut.
These monies will be channelled towards the fight against Coronavirus in Kilifi County.
I want to remind all of us that the virus doesnt move, people move it. If we stop moving, the virus stops moving and thereby preventing further infections.
LETS STAY AT HOME. Its the only way to stay safe from contracting CORONAVIRUS. May God be With Us.
H.E Amason J. Kingi, EGH
Governor, Kilifi County