Model ECD Centres

To improve access to healthy and quality learning environments, the department set out to build 35 Model ECD centres, one in each ward.

A model ECD Centre has three classrooms, one office and a toilet block consisting of four toilets for the children and two for the staff.


Kavunyalalo pre-school in Kakuyuni Ward

Vuma pre- school in Mnarani Ward

Sir Ali bin Salim pre- school in Shella Ward

Baharini pre-school in Mtepeni Ward

Tsakaralovu pre- school in Kaloleni Ward

Maekani pre- school in Sokoke Ward

Mapimo pre- school in Magarini Ward

Vithunguni pre- school in Marafa Ward

Arabuko pre- school in Dabaso Ward

Maereni pre- school in Bamba Ward

Mtwapa Maweni pre- school in Shimo la Tewa Ward

Fumbini pre- school in Kibarani Ward

Ongoing Department Projects



Kazameni pre- school

Mwawesa Ward

Bembo pre-school

Chasimba Ward

Mitulani Pre-school

Mwarakaya Ward

Kibaoni Pre-school

Sokoni Ward

Boyani Pre-school

Jaribuni Ward

Jeuri Pre-school


Mkaomoto Pre-school

Ganda Ward

Kenga Pre-school


Baraka Pre-school

Ganze Ward

Dzimanya Pre-School

Kayafungo Ward

Maboromokoni Pre-school

Kambe-Ribe Ward

Roka Pre-school

Matsangoni Ward