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Agriculture Technology & Irrigationlocationcropinvestment Typeamountpossible Investors1. Dagamravegetablesprivatekes 200mngos2.…   + More info

Sports Tourism And Festivalsbusiness Incubation Centresshow Rooms And Market For Goods From The Physically Challenge Institutefilm Industry Job…   + More info

Beach Tourismwildlife Tourismagro Tourismeco Tourismcultural Tourismmedical Tourismsports Tourismconference Tourismprocessing And Bottling Of Palm…   + More info

1. Investment In Mineral Exploitation (ppp)2. Investment In Carbon Trading 3. Development Of Nature Based Enterprises4. Sustainable Charcoal…   + More info

The Banking Industryauditingmanagement Consultancy   + More info

Private-public-partnership Investments In The Housing Sector To Meet The Growing Demand For Houses Availability Of Community Land For Large Scale…   + More info

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