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Office of the Governor.

The role of this department is to build and manage the capacity of the County Government of Kilifi, and play a general role of the County Administration.

The Department will focus on effectiveness, efficiency and innovation as a priority to improve productivity. The Department is dedicated to realizing a public service that delivers impartial, quality and timely services to all its internal and external stakeholders. To achieve this, the Department must be responsive to the needs of both employees of the County Government and other line Departments and the public as well.
The County has come up with a strategic Plan 2013- 2017, which is committed to changing the lives of its citizens through the provision of better health, quality education, decent jobs, safety and security, and which places great emphasis on the creation of jobs, especially for the youth. These elements have the power to bring about the reforms in the public service that everybody dreams about, while enabling the provision of quality service to all our different customers.

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