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Elius K. Chipa
Municipal Manager

1.Duties and responsibilities
• To fund and carryout the programme and operation of the Board
•Be principally responsible for building and maintaining a strong alliance and effective working relationships between the Board of Municipality and the Civil society, private sector and Community Based Organization
• Cause to be prepared, transmitted to the Board of the Municipality, and distributed to the public at least an annual report on the activities and accomplishment of the Municipal Departments
• Act as an ex officio member of all Committees of the Board of the Municipality
• Ensuring the execution of the directives of the Board of the Municipality
• Prepare and present for approval of the Board of the Municipality an annual estimate of Revenue and Expenditure
• Enforce provisions of the Municipality Charter, Municipal By-laws and all applicable laws
• Attend all Board meetings of the Municipality Board
• Prepare and Administer the annual Municipality Budget
• Organize Municipality departments and administrative structure
• Administer Municipality utilities and property
• Encourage and support regional and intergovernmental cooperation

Caroline Kamino
Environment Officer

In charge of Water, Sanitation, Environment, Public Health and Waste Management

George Kingi
Ag. Municipal Engineer

In charge of Works, Roads, Transport, Energy, Fire Rescue and Disaster Management

Paul Wambua
Ag. Municipal Planner

In charge of Lands, Housing, Town Planning and Urban Development

Caroline Mutana
Chief Human Resource Officer

In charge of Human Resource Management and Development

Margaret Mapenzi Chivila
Principal Administrative Officer

In charge of General Administration
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