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Zainab Salim

Municipality Board Member    

Zainab Salim- HSC is the Co-founder of Kesho Kenya, one of Kilifi most progressive non-profit organization whose mission is to advance access to education and employment for young people living in the Coast of Kenya and has supported more than 7000 children to access education.

Zena as she is fondly known is a graduate of Art and Craft, former County Coordinator of Uwezo and a self described workaholic. Zena has served in the board of Kilifi- Mariakani Water and Sewerage Company and the Kilifi North Land Control Board.

In the philanthropic world, Zena is devoted to education and child protection and the opportunities and growth they can affect. She developed and continues to run a school mentorship program for promising pupils in Kilifi public schools. When not working on her passion projects, Zena has taken a variety of home renovation and restoration projects where she finds satisfaction rethinking spaces, reusing materials and experimenting with innovative design idea.

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