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Ms Munira Jadeed

Municipality of Kilifi Vice Chairperson    

Munira Jadeed is an Urban and Regional planner in the private practice. She is registered with the Physical Planners Registration Board of Kenya. Currently she is the Registrar of Kenya Institute of Planners, a cooperate member and the secretary to the education committee of the Institute. She is also a member of the National Habitat Committee.

Ms Munira has more than 10 years experience in the field of urban and regional planning and management. She holds a Masters degree in project planning and management and Bachelors degree in urban and regional planning. In her experience over the years she has participated in preparations of Several development plans in various counties. They include county spatial plans, integrated urban development plans, preparation of development applications and undertaking various environmental conservation assignments.

Her youthful energy and enthusiasm is an added advantage to the board and is expected to make the municipality of Kilifi a home of beautiful environments and great hospitality.

College of Biological and Physical Sciences School of Biological Sciences


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